Holly Shankland Photography | Moosejaw Winter Outerwear 2017

Moosejaw Winter Outerwear 2017

December 10, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Moosejaw, LOVE THE MADNESS. Moosejaw is one of my favorite companies to work for. Moosejaw found me in 2013 when they were shooting a catalog around Lake Tahoe. I assisted them for the week and have been shooting with them ever since :) We have a ton of fun traveling all over the country to shoot climbing, yoga, running, backcountry skiing, ice-climbing, snow camping....and MADNESS. This shoot was Aubrey and Myself once again accompanied by my boyfriend, Ryan, modeling as well as his best friend from high school, Phil. Day 1 we camped out at Pyramid Lake...explored, went fishing, hiked to petroglyphs and slept in our new 18x20 canvas tent! Day 2 we drank whiskey and hiked to the highest possible elevation to see the rain turn into big white snow flakes.


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