Holly Shankland Photography | Henry + Andrea // Laguna Beach, CA

Henry + Andrea // Laguna Beach, CA

February 13, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Well, Henry and Andrea have a story that will make your heart melt....

Andrea and Henry met at a friends house about 8 years ago, but Andrea was in a relationship....Henry was still flirty and was not going to let it go. Fast forward about a year later Henry found a way to message her and have her agree to a date. 

For their first getaway Henry took her to Mendocino to go to "Crab & Wine Days" for wine tasting on her 25th birthday. Andrea said "she fell in love with the trees and coastal beauty and has wanted to move there ever since." She says she definitely remembers the trip vividly and thinks that was when She fully fell in love with him." 

Henry proposed on Andrea's 30th birthday in Montezuma, Costa Rica during a private beach front dinner at the Ylang Ylang Resort. 

They haven't planned a honeymoon yet, but are thinking of going to Bora Bora or Cuba. =) 

In the 6 years they have been together they have traveled to 12 countries, 36 cities out of California, and 10 islands around the world. Their favorite thing to do when traveling is experience the culture through the food. They both share a love for food and enjoying life! 


Andrea and Henry are getting Married in Mendocino, CA on July 16th, 2016.


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