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Jade // Big Sur CA

March 17, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Jade and I met at our Yoga Teacher Training in Costa Rica :) She is a Yoga teacher at Tree Bones Resort in Big Sur, CA // http://www.treebonesresort.com

In addition to yoga she has a beautiful garden that grows all the herbs and veggies for the delicious meals at the Tree Bones restaurant. I was drawn to Treebones because of the amazing tree forts, the human nest, the yurts, ocean views, surfing and hikes near by.

Seeing Jade was a fresh reminder of how awesome it is to surround yourself with good people. The people I met at my Yoga Teacher Training definitely stand out. I love sharing a similar truth....a peace for life and a love for the land. :):) If you are going to be in the area and would like to book yoga with Jade, send her an email :) jade.m.rosario@gmail.com


I highly recommend a get away to Big Sur....the power and beauty of the coast is sure to refresh the soul.





The ocean view Yoga Space :)


  Ocean View from the Nest

   The nest!!! If you're a bird, Im a bird :)

    Sand Dollar Beach Bluffs

   Tree bones Yoga Stage


   Fresh Veggie and Herb Garden :)


   View from a nearby hike!

   The Tree Fort


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