Erica + Tristan // The Holly Farm, Carmel

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Erica + Tristan // The Holly Farm, Carmel

The Holly Farm; a mystical and mysterious garden of love. Traveling from location to location around the immaculately groomed trails while being fanned by the palm trees around you. You find yourself in the perfect setting for sending off a lifetime of love for Tristan and Erica. The type of place that I believe, hugs you back. 

The day began with a lot of smiles and laughter. The girls in their bungalow exchanging memories, Kim Larson turning hair into art, and toasts of celebratory champagne. The boys, in their bungalow, cheering beers, watching football, and arguing how to attach the boutineer. Bow Ties tied, dress is on, and Erica kneeled down for a moment of love and compassion with the young one, Jude. Then, Tristan and Erica set out of their humble hang outs and set course on their own paths to meet up for their “first look.” Tristan arrived first; so patiently waiting on his soon to be bride and then there she was. Slightly ducking amongst what seemed to be a secret passage into the tunnel of flowers and lush greenery; she snuck up behind Tristan lightly placing her hands on his back. A hug, a kiss, kind words, and tears of joy were all generously exchanged. 

At this time the family and friends have slowly trickled in. Lots of family photos were captured and people began to take their seats. Before we knew it, seats filled, and Kevin patiently waited for his friends, Tristan and Erika to join him under the ceiling of the big oak tree with an audience of loving family and friends. The setting was stunning; with a plethora of flowers from “Laughing Gal Floral.” With an eager and quiet audience standing by, some of the most thought out and beautiful vows were shared between the two, a kiss, and off they went. Strolling down the aisle together hands in air, hearts in their eyes with clapping and cheering in their ears. 


Tristan and Erica met, as they described “the old-fashioned way,” on a dating app. Their second date consisted of a cruise down to Ocean Beach on Tristan's motorcycle, a dip in the sea, a kiss, and topped off with a dinner at Tristan’s. Erica knew she would spend the rest of her life with Tristan after joining him in New Zealand doing the things, they both love like backpacking, surfing, and rock climbing. Since then its been a life of love, devotion, compassion, and dedication to each other. 

The music kicked on with Antonio from Soundshine Entertainment accompanied by smoky palomas and celery Tom Collins. Groups gathered cheering in celebration of the newlyweds. As the night went on the good times continued. Dinner was served, toasts were made, and stories shared from both sides of the family of beautiful memories of Tristan and Erica’s life. As the stars began to twinkle in the night sky of Carmel, CA so did the treats. Lemon Cello bar was open and led us into a very memorable dance party. One of my favorite parts of the night were Tristan on the guitar and his mother on the vocals serenading family and friends in a beautiful mother/son duo. After this Tristan and Erica joined each other in another duo where they sang Jude to sleep by a cover of “Hey Jude.” Shortly after, Erica's grandpa, Raffaele, joined in on the fun; Raffaele singing, Tristan's mom on guitar, and Erica on the tambourine. Kids dancing, grandparents boogying, and drinks shared with smiles and lots of laughter. 

The Holly farm has always and will forever hold a dear place in my heart. The family behind this place shows nothing but dedication in their actions and hard work put into their property. Tristan and Erica, it was an honor. Thank you. 


Venue // The Holly Farm 

Photographer // Holly Shankland Photography 

Floral // Laughing Gal Floral 

Hair and Make-up // Kim Larson

Officiant // Their friend, Kevin

DJ // Sound Shine DJ

Catering // La Creme 




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