Kenlyn + Rian // Big Sur, CA

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Kenlyn + Rian // Wind and Sea, Big Sur CA



Moments before reading my first email from Kenlyn, I was sitting in my bed scrolling Instagram and came across the most beautiful wedding photos that were taken in Big Sur. I thought to myself, I would really love to shoot there! I laid in bed for a while scrolling deep into the all of the beauty of Big Sur only seconds later to step out of bed, opened my computer and checked my email. There sat the inquiry from Kenlyn. 


She was eloping in Big Sur to her new love, Rian, and I came recommended to her by Aflatis, my all-time favorite filmmaker. It sent chills up my back. I had been wanting to shoot more elopements and clearly just had Big Sur on my mind and in my heart. I definitely have faith in the universe, but wow, that was quick! There was a clear connection between Kenlyn and myself. I could just feel it in the way she spoke. Angels and guides and divine timing, trusting and knowing. She was speaking my language. I looked at her Instagram and there was a beautiful photo of her with her singing bowls. I knew I wanted to connect with her.


This elopement was so special. Their love was so raw and real. Both allowing themselves to be vulnerable in each other’s arms. The day had a slow and beautiful pace of doing what felt natural. It was organic, fun, loving, deep, and easy. I never felt any energy of stress. We started our day with a family swim in the ocean, followed by Kundalini yoga lead by Susan, Kenlyns mom, a yoga instructor who is highly active in her community. This was actually the first class that she taught and I could totally relate as I have been to several pieces of training, but have yet to commit to teaching yoga in a formal setting. It takes bravery to teach and I admired that in her! She did a beautiful job.

It didn't take Kenlyn and Rian long to know so deeply that they were meant for one another. She said she’s never been so sure of anything in her life. Rian’s parents flew in from Ireland and Kenlyn’s from the Bay Area. Their siblings were all there with Rian’s girlfriend and a close friend. There were just a few of us in this beautiful home up on the bluffs looking out at the ocean. It was so intimate, next to the vast ocean, the beyond. There was quite a breeze. It felt a little like nature was showing up to grant its approval for the two. 

After yoga and a swim, we had a beautiful breakfast, copper tub baths, vow writing, a golden lit ceremony with beautiful words from Dr. Dan Seigel, their officiant and incredibly well-known psychology leader of mindfulness in the field of interpersonal neurobiology. Rian had studied with him in the past and has some amazing projects going on himself. 


Check out the Flow Research Project!!


During the ceremony, Dr. Dan. said a lot of words that resonated with me. One concept, in particular, was his outlook on our higher power. He explained it as the generator of diversity (GOD). Religion has sorted this light and higher power in many ways. It can be so specific at times. I feel if you are willing to be open to different wording of language, and to base the feelings off the heart, our beliefs are more similar than they are different. The synchronicity of our meeting and many more stories told by the family had me feeling those goosebumps. You can look at the world as if it’s all random, or as if we live many miracles. I believe that no moment is ordinary and that we are indeed, guided. 


Kenlyn and Rian’s families came together on the bluffs to watch the sunset beneath the horizon. We ate a magical dinner next to large open windows to the sea. I am a sensitive person, so I can be easily moved,  but this one was above and beyond. I’m so grateful to all my guides and the stars aligning so that I could be a part of capturing this, truly, magical, day


Vendors at Kenlyn and Rian’s beautiful elopement: 

Officiant: Dr. Dan Siegel

Video: Aflatis 

Venue: Wind and Sea, Big Sur 

Floral: Big Sur Flowers

Breakfast: Coast Big Sur 

Private Chef: Savory Events + Chef Jorden Richardson

For more inspiration, check out this podcast by Dr. Dan 


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