Christy + Trevor // White Wolf, Lake Tahoe, CA

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A badass kind of romance


You remember growing up and playing telephone? You’d start with a story that’s passed down to a friend (and of course you’re all sitting cross legged in a circle in a basement, the way I remember it) and they tell their friend the story you started and pass it on and on and on. When it’s all said and done and the circle comes to a close, the story that began with a kid brushing their teeth became a story about an epic journey of a small child who left home, packed his nap sack and forgot his tooth brush along the way…


I want to start my story with a story and unlike telephone, this tale is a love recountence that cannot be forgotten, twisted or confused. Christy and Trevor’s Tahoe wedding at White Wolf (one of my most treasured venues to shoot weddings at) had me in tears from laughing so hard and inspired to find my own soul mate to try to even come as close to as bad ass and adventurous as these two are together. 


Christy and Trevor spent their first date skiing at Alpine and their first overnight date together was out in the backcountry for Christy’s first time ever backcountry skiing. My favorite moment during their wedding was when Christy’s dad stood up to do a toast. A toast she was surprised he even did as he’s a man of few words, but when he does speak, you listen, she later told me. Christy’s dad is an original Squaw Valley athlete, you know what I’m talking about...wingsuits, Shane McConkey and hot doggers. He has a reputation and he joked during his toast that he had prepared Christy for everything under the sun but flinched when he heard this new guy that he totally approved of, was taking Christy backcountry skiing. The one thing he didn’t prepare Christy for. I was wincing in tears. His speech was the perfect combination of sweet and a kick in the pants to inaugurate Christy and Trevor’s first day as a married couple reminiscing in the start of their love story. The best part about this story? Christy forgot to take her skins off at the top of the mountain, Christy 0, Trevor 1. But as the tale goes, their match was a stalemate when Trevor’s new sleeping bags he wanted to try out weren’t warm enough that night. They were so cold but they had each other for warmth. Christy 1, Trevor 1, game over. There’s no keeping score with love ...right?

“I thought I raised the most bad ass chick ever and I just sent her off to go backcountry skiing with this super athlete of a guy and all I could think of was...she better not F*%K this up, do what I taught you how to do,” Christy’s dad laughed during his toast. “We were so happy when Trevor asked her on another date.” 

Christy and Trevor couldn’t stop laughing with warm hearts. That’s one of my favorite things to do during speeches at a wedding. Take the time to just slow down and watch the couple as the most meaningful and important people in their lives speak of their love, their trust and pass along beautiful well wishes. You can capture the most pivotal expressions, small details and as cheesy as it may sound, the essence of their love together. It’s been a beautiful journey as a wedding photographer, witnessing what makes their own love special and unique, what holds them together and how they are viewed in the eyes of their most loved family and friends. I feel so blessed to be right there for these peak life moments.

Speaking of tangible items that hold people together, did I mention that Trevor proposed with his great-great grandfather’s ring, and Christy used that family heirloom stone, along with stones from her grandmother’s and mother’s rings to create her forever ring? So cool. 

Guests from all over the East Coast and as far as Australia and Hawaii (where one of Christy’s bridesmaids flew in from during her final hours of pregnancy because she couldn’t miss the wedding!!) flew in to see these two say “I do”. Christy and her bridesmaids got ready for her big day in a super gorgeous house on the Truckee River wearing train conductor print Carhartt overalls, of course and a rockin playlist. Trevor and his groomsmen were in a nearby house in The Valley. 

The sweetest touch of this special day was the Rock Cairn. Trevor and Christy chose a Unity Ceremony the reflected their values and honored their relationships with both each other and the friends and family that they hold dear. They each placed rocks from places special to them; a rock from Tahoe where Christy grew up, one from New Hampshire where Trevor was raised, Cape Cod and Bullards Bar both were special family destinations, Denver where they first lived together, Spain, their first international travel, Reno where they now own a home and finally, Whitewolf where they said I do. It’s a combination of these exact places that have created their solid relationship today. Cairns in the wilderness help set us on our path, It’s my hope that they look often at this symbol as a solid foundation guiding them in the right direction. There is a simple beauty in a cairn that connects us with people all over the world and I felt it that night. That cairn will live in their house as a reminder to incorporate balance, simplicity, peace, love, priority and play into their lives. I love this idea, don’t you? 

And just as their first song justified, these two rocked each other like two gypsy souls, back in the days of old, then magnificently floated into the mystic. Van Morrison, anyone? 


Makeup: Mckenzie Morrison

Hair: Alix Carranco

Venue: White Wolf, Tahoe

Caterer: Melanie Jackson

DJ: Jeff Jones

Officiant: Rob Kautz

Floral: Dinner Bell Farm







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